All consultations require an appointment. If you require an emergency appointment, please discuss your situation with our receptionists, we will do our best to fit you in with your usual doctor, however this may not be possible.

A standard consultation usually lasts 10-13 minutes, this allows time for the doctor to complete what is required prior to calling in their next patient. We rely on you to help ensure the doctor keeps to schedule. If you have more than one issue, or a complex medical problem that requires a longer appointment, please let reception know at time of booking. Examples of appointments that require a longer consultation are; more than one issue, skin checks, skin excisions, travel, pregnancy care, complex medical problems, driver’s medicals, mental health/stress, complete well women’s and men’s health checks and Workcover or other insurance matters.

Please note that skin checks, driver’s licence medicals and travel consultations require their own appointments, we cannot provide the information and care you deserve when these are booked as a single appointment with other issues.

Please note that procedures will only be completed if a consultation has occurred with the treating doctor. No procedure including implant of uterine or arm long-acting hormonal contraception or skin excisions will be booked without prior consultation with the treating doctor.

On arrival

Please check in with reception on arrival, this will notify your treating doctor. This is important for many reasons, particularly to notify our reception if you are experiencing any symptoms that require urgent assessment, isolation or care and to update your details. If while you are waiting for your appointment your condition deteriorates or if you feel your wait has been extended beyond your expectations, please inform staff immediately.

Unforeseen emergencies or delays occur at times, we have systems in place to accommodate these, however if a doctor is running behind and you are unable to wait, our receptionist will try and accommodate you with another doctor.

Before you leave

Please see reception to settle your account.

Follow up appointments may be requested by your doctor; it is a good time to book these now. Our receptionists will be able to direct you to pathology, imaging providers and help you with your transport requests. If any tests have been ordered by your doctor please book a follow up appointment for the results. Most results will be back within two to three days of the tests being completed, there are exceptions to this and your doctor will advise you of when it is appropriate to rebook.


Holmead Road Medical is a private billing clinic and payment is required at the end of your consultation, cheques are not accepted, and we prefer card payment over cash where possible.

As a private billing clinic we are able to spend more time with you.

We ask that you respect our other clients and our clinic’s time and cancel your appointments with at least 24 hours’ notice. Failure to attend or cancel your appointments more than 24 hours in advance may attract a $88 non-attendance fee.

Monday - Friday (8am-6pm)

Consult levelPrivate FeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket expenses
Brief (MBS Item 3)$38.00$17.90$20.10
Pensioner & HCC (MBS Item 3)$37.90$17.90$20.00
Standard (MBS Item 23)$78.00$39.10$39.10
Pensioner & HCC (MBS Item 23)$59.10$39.10$20.00
Long (MBS Item 36)$138.00$75.75$62.25
Pensioner & HCC (MBS Item 36)$95.75$75.75$20.00
Extended (MBS Item 44)$228.00$111.50$116.50
Pensioner & HCC (MBS Item 44)$131.50$111.50$20.00

** Children are bulk billed up to their fifth birthday. Excluding weekends and after hours. 

Saturday & after 6pm weekdays

Consult levelPrivate feeMedicare rebateOut of pocket expenses
Brief (MBS Item 3)$53.00$17.90$35.15
Standard (MBS Item 23)$93.00$39.10$53.90
Long (MBS Item 36)$153.00$75.75$77.25
Extended (MBS Item 44)$243.00$111.50$131.50

* No discounted fees, no bulk billing children <5yo.

Sunday & weekdays between 8pm-8am

Consult levelPrivate feeMedicare rebateOut of pocket expenses
Brief (MBS Item 3)$68.00$29.90$38.10
Standard (MBS Item 23)$108.00$50.55$57.45
Long (MBS Item 36)$168.00$86.60$81.40
Extended (MBS Item 44)$258.00$121.45$136.55

* No discounted fees, no bulk billing children <5yo.

Telephone consult Monday – Friday (8am–6pm)

Consult levelPrivate feeMedicare rebateOut of pocket expenses
Brief (MBS Item 91890)$38.00$17.90$20.10
Pensioner & HCC$37.90$17.90$20.00
Standard (MBS Item 91891)$78.00$39.10$38.90
Pensioner & HCC$59.10$39.10$20.00

* Teleconferences are available upon request, please book with reception, or online

Home visits*

Consult levelPrivate feeMedicare rebateOut of pocket expenses

One patient seen, within office hours. Increased fees for after hours consultations.
* Home visits are at the discretion of the doctor

To keep things simple we have not included every possible item number above. Your health care professional will seek financial consent from you prior to any fee not listed above, including but not limited to skin checks, procedures or vaccinations.

Please discuss with your doctor any financial concerns you may be experiencing.

Telehealth Services

From 2020 a Medicare rebate has become available for telephone and telehealth consultations. To access this rebate, you must have an existing relationship (been seen face to face by one of our doctors) within the practice; excluding children <12 months, patients in a COVID-19 impacted area or receiving urgent after-hours care. If you have not been seen face to face by a GP within our clinic, in the preceding 12 months, no Medicare rebate will apply (the full consultation fee will apply). You can call reception on 07 3188 7230 for bookings or to check your eligibility.

You will be contacted by our receptionist after the consultation to collect payment over the phone and to arrange your Medicare rebate, where applicable. Occasionally you will be asked to present to the clinic after a telephone consultation for an examination, your doctor will advise when this is required and inform you of your changed consultation fee.

Please note, your GP will do their best to contact you at the scheduled time. However, unexpected and unavoidable delays may occur.

Both referrals and imaging requests can be emailed or faxed to you or your healthcare provider post-appointment.

However, scripts issued during a telephone consult will need to be picked up at reception.

If you are experiencing financial distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please discuss with your doctor.

Please be advised that we do not prescribe S8 medications.

Indigenous Health

We acknowledge the traditional landowners of Australia, and we welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Islander people to our services.

About Indigenous Health

Many indigenous Australians experience poorer health than other Australians. This includes mental health problems and chronic diseases such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, trachoma and rheumatic heart disease.

Closing the Gap (CTG)

Improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is a national priority. CTG gives better access to Medicare and medicines, extra funded immunisations, access to annual preventative health assessments, co-ordinated care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic conditions and to help reduce the rate of smokers.

Our doctors provide primary health care for child and maternal health, arrange and manage support for people with chronic diseases, offer CTG enrolment for an eligible individuals, regular health checks and immunisations.


If you were injured at your worksite or on the way to work or on your way home from your work, then you may be eligible to claim Workcover from your employer.

Please check with your employer if they are covered by Workcover QLD or another insurer.

Please advise our receptionist if your consultation is work-related prior to seeing the doctor. Your doctor will then discuss your options throughout your consult.

Skin checks

Skin checks take between 15-20 minutes to perform, depending on your skin type to examine you from top-tail. To thoroughly screen, the doctor will need to examine all areas, including those not exposed to the sun. Please come in without makeup, nail polish, fake tan, talcum powder and shimmery moisturisers on – it is best not to apply anything after your shower on the day of your skin check.

Skin cancer is diagnosed by skin examination and biopsy or excision of a concerning lesion. Your treatment options will be discussed with the doctor performing your skin check. You may be offered biopsies or excisions at time of your skin check. The treatment choice will depend on your age and general health, the type and size of the cancer, where it is on your body and your preference.

Our doctors can offer different methods to treat skin cancer such as excision, cryotherapy, use of topical chemotherapy, curettage and cautery as appropriate. Please advise if you would prefer a referral to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for treatment.

Script renewals or referral requests

If you request a repeat script or a repeat referral outside of a consultation, a fee of $28.00 will apply (no Medicare rebate will apply). The request will be forwarded to your treating doctor, and if deemed appropriate will be processed in 48 hours. Your doctor may request a face to face appointment or a telephone appointment to discuss prior to completing your request, if they feel it is appropriate.

Recall and Reminder System

As our practice is committed to preventive care, we may send you an occasional reminder regarding health services appropriate to your care.

If you wish to opt-out of this, please inform our reception staff.

Test Results, Repeat Prescriptions, Referrals

In order to monitor your health and fulfil our ethical and legal responsibilities, we encourage you to make an appointment to receive all test results.

Our receptionists and nurses are unable to provide you with your results over the phone.

If your doctor is unavailable, another doctor in the practice would be happy to see you to help with your request.

Communication Policy

To maintain confidentiality, we avoid telephone interruptions to doctors. The nurse may be able to assist you. Should you wish to speak to your doctor please book an appointment (face to face or telephone). If this is not possible a message will be taken and reception will advise you of the outcome after speaking with your doctor.

It is our practice policy that doctors do not take phone calls from patients or return patient’s phone calls. Urgent requests will be put through to the nurse, they will triage and refer to the doctor as appropriate.

Disability Facilities

This practice is designed for wheelchair access. We have a wheelchair available if required.

We can arrange Auslan interpreters. If you are hearing impaired please notify staff, we will make all efforts to allow for easy communication, which at times may be mask alternatives.

Should you have special needs, please discuss them with your doctor or reception if you feel comfortable to do so.

Car Parking

For your convenience car parking is available in the Holmead Road Medical car park. More car parks are available to the right of the medical centre upon entry.

Patient Privacy

This practice protects your personal health information and ensures it is only available to authorised staff members, for the intended purposes and to comply with the Privacy Act. To obtain a copy of our Privacy Statement or your medical records, please ask at reception or email

Management of Personal Health Information

Your medical records are private and confidential and only available to authorised members of staff. All information at Holmead Road Medical is managed in accordance with the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act available at

My Health Records

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. Assisted registration is available at this practice, ask your doctor or receptionist at your next visit.

This practice can upload a health summary from your records to your My Health Record.

For further information visit

Suggestions or Complaints

If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions about any aspect of our service we would appreciate hearing about them and will take them seriously.

Please use one of the following:

Phone: 07 3188 7230


Use the suggestion box.

Matters which are unable to be resolved within the practice may be referred to:

Office of the Health Ombudsman

Phone; 13 36 46 (133 OHO), email;

PO BOX 13281
George Street
Brisbane 4003

After Hours Care

After Hours GP:

National Home Doctor

Closest Hospitals

QEII Hospital
Ph (07) 3182 6111

Greenslopes Private Hospital
Ph (07) 3394 7111

PAH Hospital
Ph (07) 3176 2111

Logan Hospital
Ph (07) 3299 8899